Protein Biotechnologies Inc., a San Diego, California based company, provides global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, government and academic institutions with human clinical specimen derivatives and high-throughput protein and tissue microarrays.
Protein Biotechnologies

With the largest collection of ready-to-use, clinically defined, pathology-validated human specimen derivatives on the market, Protein Biotechnologies facilitates biomedical research and drug discovery efforts for cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes / obesity and autoimmune disease research.

To facilitate high-throughput screening of human clinical specimens, Protein Biotechnologies provides its tissue lysate library on ready-to-use protein microarrays. And, for protein localization, immunohistochemical and in-situ hybridization studies, Protein Biotechnologies' tissue microarrays are an ideal method for studying multiple human cancer / normal tissues in a single assay.

July, 2013
Protein Biotechnologies products used in massive reverse-phase protein array screening project by Harvard group. Download Abstract PDF.
February 20, 2006
The Global Burden of Cancer
Worldwide, approximately 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer annually and more than 6 million die of the disease every year. Currently, there are over 22 million cancer patients worldwide.