Diagnosis: Renal cell carcinoma
Sex: Male
Age: 57
Grade: 3
Stage: III, T2N0Mx  
Catalog Number:

Extraction 1, soluble protein fraction


Human Kidney tumor tissue lysate

1 mg/ml, 100 µg/vial


Extraction 2, insoluble protein fraction


Human Kidney tumor tissue lysate

1 mg/ml, 100 µg/vial


Location: Right Kidney.  
Gross findings:

Tumor size 9.4 cm.

Cut section, orange, hemorrhagic.

Lymph nodes negative for metastatic carcinoma.

Microscopic findings: Sections show a renal cell carcinoma which is composed predominantly of grade 3 tumor with enlarged nuclei, prominent nucleoli, and marked irregular nuclei. Focal areas show a spindle cell pattern which also has increased mitotic activity and is infiltrating into the adjacent kidney with focal destruction of glomeruli. The tumor is hyalinized in many foci and shows bosselating borders as well as infiltrating borders. The ureterovascular margin is negative for tumor as is the closest surgical margin. The largest geographic areas of necrosis are present within the tumor. The separately submitted paracaval lymph nodes show reactive hyperplasia without tumor. The tumor shows predominantly grade 3 morphology with focal areas of grade 4 differentiation. These represent a minority of the tumor and are present in areas showing a spindle cell (sarcomatoid) pattern of differentiation.

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